Top 10 best Kenyan rappers of all time



Kenyan rappers have come along way since the days of Kalamashaka. The crew are considered the godfathers of rap music in Kenya, setting the foundation on which other rappers have built their career. In the process, a Kenyan hip-hop culture and community has emerged; cypher battles, dressing, art and spoken word. In the search for Kenya’s finest rappers, we talked to a sample group of producers, fans and the current rappers on who they think make it on the list. The results are in. We present to you the top 10 best Kenyan rappers of all time:

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10. Octopizzo 

The Number Nane Boy is the self-proclaimed King of Swag. He has a song about to drill the point, in case there is doubt. Octopizzo, the most famous rapper out of Kibera, attracts passion on both ends – fans and haters. But irrespective of where you stand, you gotta recognize his hustle. Octopizzo (Henry Ohanga) is considered as one of the finest rappers and one of the very few that has grown his brand through enterprise (clothing & condom products) and community projects. He is the founder of YGB (Young Gifted and Black) and the CEO of Choclate City Tours. He is a father to two daughters.



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