Tiny Houses The Next Housing Solution For The World’s Youth

Gabriella lives rent free in this cozy trailer that she calls home

At the age of 18, most teenagers are focused on the party life and sharing every waking second of their lives on social media. In New Zealand, a young determined Gabriella Grace built a tiny house with her bare hands with the help of her father.

This strong-willed youngster has a place to call home as part of her project in her final year in high school. Living in New Zealand’s capital Wellington, Gabriella lives rent free in the home.

Self- confessed as a “fulfilled individual,” Gabriella shared that the rat race to ” get a degree, to get a job that pays well enough to get a mortgage… is a perpetual cycle” that did not interest her. Instead, she opted to seek out a more sustainable solution one of life’s most daunting struggles all while in her final year of high school. The school system allowed her to present the project, which is now hassle-free accommodation one.

As many of the world’s youth look to affordable housing solutions, a tiny house might be just the solution to live rent-free for life. Check out the tour of her home below:

Ivy Mang'eli :Ivy Mang'eli is a graduate of Daystar University. She is passionate about youth affairs and social development