Thitima Challenge, Who Did It Best


It’s an election year and with it comes voter education and registration. In an attempt to increase voter turnout and educated the masses on the importance of casting their vote, President Uhuru Kenyatta collaborated with popular  Kyma and Stiga the creators of the Thitima anthem.


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Gaining popularity with the Kenyan public, the song is the perfect vehicle to urge the youth to get out and vote. With the voter registration drive ending in early February, President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy William Ruto, and opposition leader Raila Odinga have put in great effort to encourage the public to get registered, ready to cast their ballot in August 2017.


In a side by side video, first aired on NTV, its difficult to tell who did a better job on the “Thitima” challenge. Ruto’s rendition shows how eager he was to be part of the popular anthem while Raila’s rendition lacks excitement and energy. Our best bet for the win is Uhuru.




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