This university offers video gaming as a course in the Sports Dept


gamer gaming

How would you like to enroll in a class in video gaming? Well, pack your bags and apply for a visa to South Korea. The Chung-Ang University will start admitting eSports applicants starting next year.

The new course is under the University’s Department of Sport Science. The university is a top-ten varsity in South Korea, so it’s not like it’s a marketing gimmick. You can start preparing your parents now by telling them you are going to study ‘something that you really love and which does not need extra nudging to finish homework.’

If they get a bit too curious or skeptical, show them professional gamers are paid up to $100,000 in winnings per tournament. Of course not in Kenya, but you can be an expatriate. South Korea has a competitive gaming community and following. Tournaments are aired live on TV. Imagine that!

The eSport students will now be in the same department with footballers, athletes and basketball. We can’t imagine the assignments and exams.



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