Things you need to know this Monday


Valentines has come and gone. For those of us who celebrated single awareness day, it was time of reflection and celebration on the perks of being single. A new week has began and you need to get up to speed.

  1. Voter registration is on.

If you are over 18, you now have a voice in the political landscape. Register today as a voter and be part of the future of the nation. Participation is a great way to be part of the decision making and fulfill your civic duty. Be part of something great and get registered. For more information click here.

  1. The Life of Pablo is out.

“Who is Pablo?’ many have asked. Find out by listening to the album “The Life of Pablo” released late last week by multi platinum artist Kanye West. The much anticipated album is out and Kanye had a special event to showcase his work to fans. The album also known as T.L.O.P is a reflection of his style that has evolved through out his various albums. Yeezy also uses the album to address various issues stirring up beef he had with other rappers including Wiz Khalifa, Ray J . If the track list is anything to go by the album is an interesting mix with various influences.


He shared a sneak preview into the album T.L.O.P.  on S.N.L


  1. Movie Mania.

The movie Deadpool released late last on the week of February 8th rose to the top of the box office. The movie had garnered lost of interest and made $135 million on Valentines weekend. Kung Fu Panda 3 also released this past weekend. The third installment of the movie features an adorable Panda that makes for a great family movie.


  1. K O.T be warned.

The rotten apples of the famous Kenyans On Twitter have experienced a role reversal.  In an article written to Dannish Odongo, K.O.T have been put in the spotlight. Taking responsibility in what we post and share online is a culture that needs to be cultivated even with the power one may have online. Read all about the power of trends, likes and retweets here .

  1. Kiki found Bae

Last week, Kiki sought to find a bae for Valentines. His initiative gained lots of momentum online under the hashtag #BaeForKiki with corporates offering to pay for dinner as well as other lavish offers. What seemed to be a  simple, fun initiative by Kiki snowballed into a chance for him to find a date.



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