6 Major Turn Offs Women Could Work On To Land A Man


For a relationship to have continuity, couples must possess some qualities that complement each other and keep the fire burning. Apart from a good character there are other factors that should never be ignored when at courtship stage.


Here are some of the top turn-offs men have.

1. Overdone Makeup

Natural, simple beauty always wins over overdone makeup. Whether it is the exaggerated lashes or the cakey foundation it is always best to keep it smooth, for those women who wear makeup.


2. Bad Breathe

For gentlemen on the quest for the ‘other half’, facial impression from the lady is a key consideration. Smiling, laughing and talking all exposure your teeth, and could reveal some bad breathe. It can be a great let down when on trying to make conversation, a fine gent must tolerate her mouth smells awful!


3. Fragrance Overload

We get it. You want to smell good always. But that scent may be a nuisance to other people, especially when applied in excess. It is important to note scents do vary and people have different reactions when it comes to the scents on your body.


4. Oversharing

In any encounter, if a man notices that the woman’s conversation is about her family it shuts a man down. We don’t want to hear all about your family deeds or secrets. A relationship begins with two people getting to know each other, period. Any other information that’s deemed private please reserve it.


5.Not Being Yourself

I’ve met chics on campus and when a conversation is struck, all they tell me are things that will leave any guy nodding. Of course, you don’t want to put a stop to it even when they’re all lies. Men prefer women who tell the truth to those who brag when asked about their lives.


6. ‘The Boss Lady’

Most men could find it difficult when dealing with a woman who thinks she has knows everything and commands control.


This article was written Capital Campus Contributor Willie Blair.



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