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Thika breaks several records in Orange BYS


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Thika in the Orange Beat Ya Street Competition is now synonymous for firsts – not only has it recorded the highest  number of crews to upload their dance video entries to the site (now at 16 crews), the highest votes cast by fans, but also has the most gospel crews as compared to all the previous regions.


At the moment, 8 crews- Life Force Crew, De Tour, Divine Dance Crew, Hitmakerz  Dance crew, Fgt Dance Crew, Sic Crew, Masafa Arts, BGP Dance crew out of the total 16 teams are gospel crews. The OBYS competition is aimed at nurturing fresh talent irrespective of the music they dance to or what drives them to dance – whether a group is secular or dancehall doesn’t really matter but what really counts is how they are able to execute their moves and at the end of the day, the team that has all aspects in terms of creativity, energy, talent and meet the judges expectations are the ones that make it to the next round.


The young gospel crews that are all about representing Christ to the fullest and sending a message through dance are talented and are going head to head with the secular crews displaying as much energy and mad talent in this street dance competition.


Meanwhile, it’s only a day and a few hours before voting is officially closed and the competition is tighter than tight.  By the look of things, making the top 8 in Thika has proved to be a very hard task and the number of votes streaming in per second is just crazy. You know the drill, the last minutes are the most crucial so you have to give them your all- Vote, Vote and Vote!

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