#TheSeven ways to gain perceptive on life and better yourself


Have you started that money-making venture? Lost that extra weight? Visited some of the places you listed in your new year resolutions or are you waiting to settle into the year? There is no greater time to start than now through a new thing or habit is always hard to pick up. Here are a few pointers towards the new or improved version of yourself.

1. New crowd

Most times we keep to the people we know and are comfortable with and hence we are unwilling to try the things we keep listing as our goals. Association with new people gives us a different perspective on how to go through our days and thus we can break the old habits and build new ones.

2.Like-minded people

Try waking up for that morning jog on your own for the first time and you notice that within a week you have given up already. However, if you have a team that wakes each other up and are accountable to each other, its easier to take up any new habit or meet a certain goal. People with the same mindset help us to adapt more easily to the change we are pursuing so form a group with people of similar interests or join one.

3.Veering off routine

We have well adapted daily routines that we think make our days efficient but that doesn’t mean there aren’t better ways of doing the same thing. This doesn’t mean that you overhaul your entire life but simply try incorporating a simple change and see how it works for you. A new addition or omission to your routine can make all the difference.

4.Keep a program

Make a list or a program of things you do and introduce the things you plan to try into this list. This helps in reminding you of the new things that you are not accustomed to doing. It also helps in managing your resources so that you don’t put too much time or effort into a goal while abandoning the others.

5.Progress evaluation

Be accountable to yourself. Evaluate your progress and the challenges you meet and lessons you are learning as you chase your resolutions. Don’t set to achieve something blindly and don’t be stubborn. If your planning is not working out after some time, be ready to seek new ways of doing the same.

6.Be conscious of time

Time of one of our biggest assets. Do not be wasteful, using your time on activities that do not matter.If you feel you have to much time, look for ways to keep yourself occupied. Join a  class, visit family or pray, this will ensure you do not waste any time.

7.Be your own master

You may keep buddies for accountability, however, ultimately you have yourself to contend with when you do not accomplish your goals. Do not rely on others to keep yourself accountable. Always strive to do and be better for yourself.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Maureen Njoki.



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