#TheSeven things you should know before studying abroad


Studying abroad is a great opportunity if you can afford it. In fact, many say its life changing.

Here are the seven things you should know about studying abroad:

7.Pack Wisely

Whether you are going to be studying in a country that expereinces4 seasons or 2 seasons it is advised to pack wisely. Pack something for the different types of weather. A great jacket, a raincoat, some simple boots and lots of socks will always ensure you are prepared no matter the weather.

6. Do Your Research

Before getting on a plane and jetting off to a different country, it is paramount to do your research. Learn the basic of the country’s culture, language, norms and what is expected of you as an international student. A little research about the school’s international community could also be useful to give some background on what you should expect. This can help you mitigate just how much culture shock you experience while studying abroad.

5. Attitude is Everything

While studying abroad, there are several things that could frustrate you throughout your experience. However, a great attitude could help get over the situations quicker. Whether it is having to take foundation classes before starting your coursework or getting into the local culture. Take every experience as a learning lesson, and enjoy every moment of it.

4. You Are Bound To Get Homesick

As a student studying abroad, it might take quite a bit to get used to the new environment, culture, and people. Many times you just might get homesick, however, this should not stop you from living your best life. Thankfully, technology has made life so much easier. In case you miss your family, just give them a call. Stay in touch with family and friends, you will notice that they will always keep your spirits lifted.

3. Engage With The Locals

Always remember, there is no better place to be, than where you are right now. Make the most of the friends you will make, and take a chance to explore the city. Integrate yourself into the local scene by trying out the food, visiting landmarks and living locally. Remember, you will miss everything once you leave, so always make the most of it.

2. Take Trips

Wherever you might be studying, always make the most of your time abroad. Make a few trips, budget adequately to ensure you make the most memories even on a student budget. Travel by bus, make us of student offers and invest yourself in participating in all the great aspects of student life.

1. Live Your Best Life

Life as a student abroad can be interesting, filled with experiences and overflowing with great memories. Visit new places, try out new things and expand your pallet, because why not?


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