#TheSeven sauciest Beyonce releases that surpassed 100M views on YouTube

It’s Beyonce’s birthday, and the beehive is buzzing.

In honor of the musical icon, we count down the seven times Queen B got more than 100M views on YouTube.

7. Apesh*t- 111M

The track from the collaboration album ‘The Carters,’ received a great reception. It was the fusion of the love and passion shared by Jay-Z and Beyonce, truly “Everything Is Love”.

6.Dance For You – 129M

Beyonce is known for her sensual side. Keeping it classy and sassy, this track was and still is iconic. Beyonce moved like a professional and proved she is talented in every sense of the word.

5.Hold Up – 151M

This track was raw and vulnerable and highly disturbing. Beyonce let fans into the inner workings of her marriage, but revealled her new-found strength.   Queen B was a good girl gone bad…she clearly didn’t give a fu*ck in this video.

4.Sorry- 272M

From her visual album “Lemonade,” Beyonce served up truths, unapologetically herself the Queen had not a care in the world. The track remains an anthem for many.

3.Love on Top – 315M

Michael Jackson vibes and an upbeat tempo, the track was representative of her album “4.” Dancing in heels and hitting those high notes, the track is nothing but good vibes and great form from the Queen.

2.If I Were A Boy – 407M

Beyonce asked all the right questions in this track.

1.Run The World – 423M

Her royal highness set up this track as the ultimate anthem for women across the globe. With empowering lyrics, the track has been a go-to for any woman who ever doubted herself. Before the #MeToo movement, the fight for equal pay and other protests for equality; Beyonce spoke up for all women with  a 4:50 minute track.

Ivy Mang'eli :Ivy Mang'eli is a graduate of Daystar University. She is passionate about youth affairs and social development