#TheSeven: Life Changing Habits You Can Start Cultivating Today


They say a good habit is invaluable. As the new year begins, many have made resolutions to become a new person, a better person. However, your journey to a better you is only possible if you cultivate beneficial habits. Here are 7 essential habits you can begin cultivating today that led to success:


This may seem like a simple concept, but the habit of being grateful for what one has is the difference between those who have true happiness and those who grumble over what they could have. A spirit of gratitude is essential is appreciating where you are in life. In many ways, it allows one to take stock and prepare for the future while reflecting on the present.

2.Continuous Learning

It was said by Socrates, “true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” An eagerness to continue learning is essential to true success. The ability to challenge yourself and learn a new skill, language or subject is invaluable in building character and improving your resume. Never get too comfortable, always strive to learn something new.

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3.Hard Work

Hard work plays a major role in one’s ability to succeed. Recognising that one would put in a lot of effort and think smart is key to a successful future. In your 20s, a little bit of elbow grease at your internship could see one gain full employment in a matter of months, solely based on one’s work ethic. Never underestimate how important your attitude towards hard work impacts those around you.


Sometimes, the best attitude, hard work and even the best of connections do not offer the opportunities one may be in search of. However, a little persistence can do a world of good, for those out in this cruel, harsh world. If one door is closed, go around the back you might find an open window.

5.Financial Management

Manage your budget, with several apps available online, it is possible that you could gain financial understanding in your 20s. Gaining insight on financial investments, viable business options and more would require one to do a lot of reading. Make the right decisions to ensure you run your finances in your life, so they do not run you.

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6.Time Management

Time is the only asset you cannot buy more of or manufacture. Using one’s time wisely would require you to understand the value of your time. Prioritising tasks and assignments ensure you do the bigger tasks first and finish up with the lesser tasks. The book “Eat The Frog” offers 21 ways you could do away with procrastination and make the best use of your time.


It is imperative that as a millennial one learns needs to work with others. Known as a selfish generation, a millennial’s ability to work well with other, open to learning and compromise has far-reaching effects on their success. On such example is Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg who worked with other students including Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes. For anything to truly do well, teamwork is an essential part of its story of success.



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