#TheSeven iconic rap beefs of all time



7.Gucci Mane Vs Young Jeezy

Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy started coming up at relatively the same time. The first really ‘big’ song for either of them was the hit record ‘So Icey’ which was produced by Zaytoven. Gucci and Jeezy both wanted full rights to the song, so it could be on their albums. Since Zaytoven was like a brother to Gucci Mane, he gave him the rights to the song and it was featured on Gucci Mane’s first studio album. This angered Young Jeezy, who, in turn, began to badmouth Gucci. In one song, Jeezy outright states that if someone kills Gucci Mane, or brings him his necklace, would receive $50,000.

Some weeks later, a known associate of Young Jeezy’s broke into Gucci Mane’s home. Gucci was in the middle of having relations with a woman when they barged into the room and began pistol whipping and beating him. In the commotion, Gucci Mane was able to get to his firearm and fire back, striking at least one of the men while sending the rest running. The one who was shot passed away, so Gucci Mane went and buried him behind a middle school, which probably wasn’t the smart thing to do.



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