#TheSeven habits to unlock your true potential in 2018

A lot of people make resolutions, but the question is how many actually achieve them?
It’s okay to plan and have deadlines for yourself, after all, they make you push yourself. Here are habits that will help you and make the whole process of achieving your 2018 goals just that much easier.

1.Self Discipline

“I can do things by myself,” you tell yourself.  However, many soon realize that without self-discipline it’s a lot harder than it should be. Self-discipline is defined as “the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses.” Simple but very important matters such as keeping time, prioritising your engagements and much more are essential in cultivating self-discipline.

2. Reading

Reading can be quite boring if you read something you have absolutely no interest in. To make it more pleasurable, it is important that you invest your time in reading books that you find enjoyable. Adopt the attitude that is eager to learn and grow every day. No information goes to waste it always comes in handy someday. It is said, “Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.”

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3. Positivity

Life can be difficult, however, keeping a positive outlook can be the defining factor on how you deal the most difficult of circumstances in life.It is essential to always look for the silver lining, focusing on the positives in life.Positivity is all you need in bad situations to hang in there.

4. Self Assurance
It gives you confidence. Confidence will always attract others towards you. Hype yourself, treat yourself, have some time to yourself. Confidence also helps you reach higher levels. Want that promotion, work hard and adopt confidence not only in yourself but also in your work.

5. Be Yourself
It’s sad how people struggle to fit in. It’s okay to fit out. With the changing times, it’s hard to keep track and have focus and just be yourself. Don’t lose yourself to the world or try to be what you are not. Things will run more smoothly when you are being yourself .


Tunnel-vision can sometimes be seen as a negative, however, when you are hoping to achieve some goals, focus could be the one thing that leads you to your dreams much faster. Many leaders and entrepreneurs possess this one trait. The habit of focusing on a single task at a time is often beneficial for those who are unable to multi-task.


One may not find time for exercise, however, stretching is much easier. The simple task of stretching out before the day begins could help put you in a great mood before the day begins. Feeling a bit sluggish? Why not stretch a little bit.

It doesn’t matter at what state you are you can develop those habits. It takes time but every day you make a step matters.

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