#TheSeven commandments to live by if you are single this Valentine’s


Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but for those who may not be in a relationship the day could harbor lots of resentment. Being single is not a curse, rather it is a chance to celebrate the person you are and work towards the person you hope to become.

Here are a few suggestions on how to spend your Valentine’s Day while celebrating your singlehood.

1. Indulge in self-love

A little reassurance from yourself can go a long way in boosting your confidence. Recite a few affirmations to yourself in front of the mirror and watch your confidence and self-esteem soar. This Valentine’s is all about you, so do not dwell on self-pity instead, take the opportunity to love yourself. You deserve it!

2.Take time off for self-care

Many a time, those out of a relationship do little for themselves. So why not treat yourself? Take Valentine’s Day as the chance to celebrate yourself, and bask in your greatness. Book yourself a manicure or buy yourself dinner and enjoy some alone time.

3. Make self-reflection a priority

Valentine’s Day could be a day for lovers, however, you could take some time to reflect on your relationships. Think about what you could do better in your various relationships with family members and friends, and be sure to show some love to those you cherish most.

4. Set aside some money

Since you are single as a dollar bill, you are likely to save a few coins that would have otherwise been spent on a significant other. Therefore, since you are single, put aside some cash for your next holiday, shopping spree or even dinner with yourself, because why not.

5.Give social media  a blackout

If you are one to go online to check out what your ex is up to, Valentine’s Day is the day to stay away from all the grand gestures lovers share online. Not only will it sting less to not see your ex take his new girlfriend to dinner, but it might also do wonders for your mental health. Take the time to focus on yourself and not others.

6. Find solidarity with a friend

Valentine’s Day may be a day for lovers but why not twist the plot and celebrate Galentine’s Day? Call a friend and go on a date, catch up and celebrate your love for a friend who always had your back.

7.Do not stress the small stuff

You may not be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day because of relationship status, however, there are several other things you could do. Do not get drawn into the hype, Valentine’s is only one day of the year, so do not take your singlehood as a damnation to eternal loneliness.



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