#TheSeven basics any college student should never overlook


Freedom is the first thing on your mind when you join the university. Academic pressure is unheard of until you are stuck cramming the entire syllabus the night before a major test. Based on my semi-professional research, here are some tips on how to take on the first year like a pro.

1.Always have a budget.

Nights out with friends are a rite of passage but one should spend money wisely. Ordering a mimosa in an effort to appear like the ‘cool kid’ yet you are broke is an unwise move. Buy a drink within your price range and sip it slowly throughout the night.

2.Study on a daily basis while keeping summary notes.

Piling up notes to study last minute only results in immense failure. Reading ahead will increase understanding and enhance retention of the learning material.

3.Choose a hostel near or in school.

Transport costs to and from school tend to be quite high if you commute from far. Close proximity to school also ensures that you are punctual for all your lectures.

4.Have a side business or part-time employment if possible.

College is a time to grow mainly mentally. Exerting financial independence prepares you for a stable future without having to depend on one’s degree as a foothold to acquiring bread and butter.

5.Expand your hobbies.

White collar jobs are not the only prestigious careers. Join a band or start writing a blog. Apart from possibly being a source of income, it also provides a freeing aura conducive to great academic performance.

6.Choose your friends wisely.

Show  me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Mannerisms are easily picked up and can shape one’s character for life.

7.Practice a chaste or healthy sex life.

The constant procuring of abortions in universities is sickening and quite saddening. Visit a gynecologist and receive a prescription for relevant contraceptive. Condoms should also always be used.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor, Melanie Nabwera.



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