#TheHustle: 5 Kenyans slaying in Africa’s fashion styling business

The styling business in Kenya is growing with people making a living out of it. Nowadays, media personalities and celebrities do not have to worry about which look to pull, instead choosing to hire stylists. With more Kenyan universities offering courses on fashion,  the local fashion industry is a melting pot of oppurtunities with an abundance of creativity.

Here are the most popular Kenyan celebrity stylists how are making waves on the African continent:

1. Ojwa Styling
Beata Otieno is the face behind most of Amina Abdi Rabar’s stylish looks. She is USIU alum and she went on to found Ojwa Styling which has been there for a while.

2. Brian Babu
He is one of the most popular celebrity stylists in Kenya. He is the face behind Sauti Sol’s suave and at times extravagant look. He has styled Wahu, Janet Mbugua, Pierra Makena, Diamond Platinumz among other personalities.

3. Sunny Dolat
He is famous for his Nest Collective videos that got attention from world-renowned fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. The famous stylist has worked with models such as Ajuma Nesanyana and Anjili Laura among others.

4. 2ManySiblings
The two siblings, Velma Rossa and Papa Petit, are not only stylists but also style entrepreneurs having founded the ‘Thrift Social’ events. The two this year catapulted into the international fashion industry with a collaboration with fashion brand Asos.

5. Bryan Emry
He works with models and has styled popular style blogger Brian Msafiri. He was also part of the Sauti Sol styling team at one point. He has also been featured on OkayAfrica as one of the most stylish Kenyans in 2017 and has styled the likes of model Jo Kisila, Gabu Fords and more.

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