The top 5 DJs in the world

  1.  David Guetta


French DJ David Guetta is by no doubt the best spin master in the world. His multiple awards and sold out concerts can attest to this. He says he gets around 10 collaboration requests a month, both from upcoming artistes and stars. However, his manager rejects most of the collaboration requests and only accepts the most worthy projects.  “Everyone wants a piece of Guetta,” says his wife Cathy Guetta.

David Guetta has sold over six million albums and 15 million singles worldwide. He confessed at the 2013 Billboard awards that he never thought the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genre in which he has specialized would ever be a popular genre in world music. David Guetta began spinning house tunes in local nightclubs at the age of 17. He achieved mainstream success with his 2009 album One Love which included the hit singles “When Love Takes Over”, “Gettin’ Over You”, “Sexy Bitch”, all three of which reached #1 in the UK

Guetta has cash endorsements for Renault and HP. He is one of the highest paid artistes in the music industry, pocketing an average of $13 million USD annually. Estimates place his net worth at $35 million USD. Appearance fees are approximately $50,000 USD.



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