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The Random Acts of Romance that make women happy


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Relationship can either be a bed of roses or a collection of thorns depending on how you decide to conduct your business. Even though other people have found comfort in doing, ‘huge’ things either to surprise their partners or to show love, in the process, they forget very essential little things which could turn tables in their favor. Before, you buy your girlfriend a garden of roses; perhaps, you might need to consider the following neglected areas.

Avoid suspicious situations

Avoid situations which might make your girlfriend over think and analyze beyond the obvious. Even if you call it brotherhood, do not buy a pack of condoms then give your room mate some so that you remain with few pieces in a set. When your spouse sees such deficit, no amount of explanation will convince her that you never used them. In this case, honesty will not be a factor of consideration. Similarly, do not put yourself to exposing chats and conversations which could make your girlfriend question you.

Do not be too petty

As a man, sometimes you need to be strong. Even if you notice your girlfriend hugs her ex in a manner likely to arouse jealous feelings, play it cool and don’t make a fuss about it. However, this calls for a win-win situation as well. If you are dating, why would you expose your ‘yoghurt’ to that much scrutiny? The same is applicable in the case of phone calls, it is not a must you know everyone who calls your girl.

Give her your time

When you are with your girlfriend, is there need to keep checking your phone for goal updates and other unnecessary replies? Of course, not! Just give her your time and attention. If you are a chatterbox (which I do not expect you to be), you might consider setting your phone to flight mode. Chicks love attention, and when that is given in full, they will reciprocate with goodies. And you know what I mean by that…

Treat your date as a holiday

When you have scheduled for a date, block out everything else. Even if you do online writing, tell your boss that you will be traveling to a place with no internet connection so that he will not send you a revision or anything of the sort. That day, wake up so early for few work outs (you know the risk of doing excess of such), then start by thinking about how you will eat. Perhaps you would consider going to buy some greens. Prepare for the date, and let her know you have been waiting eagerly for the date and for her. It matters not the financial capacity of your pocket, but it matters a lot the will to give your girlfriend the best of you. Do not strive to spend millions on her, just make her feel like a million bucks by doing the simple things. Protect what you have.

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