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The pill almost threatened baby making – Kardashian



TV star Kim Kardashian revealed she feared she wouldn’t get pregnant due to long use of birth control pills. Doctors had warned her she might have difficulty conceiving after many years of using contraceptives. Kim, now 31, confessed in an Oprah interview that she started using contraceptives when she was 14 years.


The reality TV star – who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Kanye West – was warned by doctors her fertility had been affected by years of being on birth control.


“When I went to the doctor a couple months ago, he took tests to check my hormones and my levels, and everything was really suppressed and really low because I’ve been on birth control for so many years.


“I want to have kids one day, so he really suggested that I get off birth control,” said Kim before she got pregnant.


“I’m 31, and my egg levels came back as a woman that’s in my 50s. I’m concerned just hearing all this information of how every woman is born with a certain amount of eggs, and that number can never be increased. Maybe this just isn’t in the cards for me, and I’m freaking out a little bit.”


The news left Kim questioning whether she really wanted to have children.


Speaking on her new reality show ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’ – which she stars in with sister Kourtney – Kim said: “It’s so overwhelming it’s even made me second guess even wanting to have kids. Whatever’s meant to be will be. If I’m not supposed to have kids then maybe I don’t want kids.”


Her sister Kourtney has two children with her partner Scott Disick. Kourtney said recently that she won’t be taking birth control pills anymore.


FAQ’s by C-Wordask1 cword


1. Can long-term use of the Pill make it harder to conceive?

No, there’s no evidence that long-term use of the birth control pill interferes with fertility. Women who stop using Everyday pills can become pregnant as quickly as women who stop non-hormonal methods. Everyday pills do not delay the return of a woman´s fertility after she stops taking them. The menstrual pattern a woman had before she used Everyday pills generally returns after she stops taking them. Some women may have to wait a few months before their usual menstrual pattern returns.


2. Can Everyday pills be used as emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) after unprotected sex?

Yes. As soon as possible, but no more than 5 days after unprotected sex, a woman can take Everyday pills as ECPs. Progestin-only pills, however, are more effective and cause fewer side effects such as nausea and stomach upset.


3. Do Everyday pills cause a woman to gain or lose a lot of weight?

No. Most women do not gain or lose weight due to Everyday pills. Weight changes naturally as life circumstances change and as people age. Because these changes in weight are so common, many women think that Everyday pills cause these gains or losses in weight. Studies find, however, that on average Everyday pills do not affect weight. A few women experience sudden changes in weight when using Everyday pills. These changes reverse after they stop taking them. It is not known why these women respond to Everyday pills in this way.

4. Can a woman safely take Everyday pills throughout her life?

Yes. There is no minimum or maximum age for Everyday pill use. Everyday pills can be an appropriate method for most women from onset of menstruation to menopause.

5. Do Everyday pills change women´s mood or sex drive?

Generally, no. Some women using Everyday pills report these complaints. The great majority of Everyday pill users do not report any such changes, however, and some report that both mood and sex drive improve. It is difficult to tell whether such changes are due to the Everyday pills or to other reasons. Health providers can help a client with these problems. There is no evidence that Everyday pills affect women´s sexual behavior.


For more information about contraceptives go to C-word


However, please consult a medic to get appropriate advice.

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