The Not So Good, Good Dinosaur


good dinosaur

Starring: Frances McDorman, Jack Bright, Marcus Scribner, Jeffery Wright,Peter Sohn

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Animation

Rating: PG

Running time: 1hr 32 mins

Director: Peter Sohn

Pixar come through again with a film that has been so exquisitely computerized that for the first few seconds the scenery and landscape will have you asking yourself if it’s really an animated film. However this production has been held up since 2012, and featuring a director change to Peter Sohn, and a patient working of the story, you could have imagined that its back story would eventually lead to something beautiful. It does, but only to the eyes. My brain was left disappointed.

The plot itself is very simple: a young dinosaur gets lost in the wilderness after a chase with a so called enemy, enemies become friends and have to help each other get back home and a series of life threatening adventures are had along the way.

This is not a foreign plot in the world of animation, having been done with minor variations in films like Mulan and Finding Nemo. Thus it really isn’t anything new. It tugs at your heartstrings at every turn and consists of obvious twists that are fed by the sub plot of the cowardice of the main character Arlo, who tries to get past his fear, as he deals with the scars of his father’s death.

There is nothing of note that will surprise the viewer, and the purpose of the film is clear to see. Featuring a largely B list crew of actors voicing the characters and an end of year release, it was never designed to win any awards. Ignore the PG rating and indulge your inner child. It is an animated film like many before it, and I’m sure many after. You can definitely give it to the kids or adults who refuse to grow up, they’ll have a blast.

By Daniel Maithya



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