The next big band: The Yellow Light Machine causing ripples


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Tell us about Yellow Light Machine. Who are you guys?

Yellow Light Machine (YLM) is an eclectic group of talented individuals united by the love for music. YLM is made up of music lovers from different backgrounds, with different voices and different ideologies uniting to create something that is felt more than heard.

This common ground of love merged with the need to individually create and BE the music resulting in artistic surprises.

We make music by chilling and jamming, jamming and chilling, laughing, shouting, listening and playing from the bottom of their arts. YLM music is mostly alternative with selections of jazz, funk, blues, indie, lingala, afro-fusion, reggae, pop, rock, hip hop and RnB…thus far.

Who are the band members?

Ricky Ngare (2)
Ngare Mukiria – guitar and vocals (afro-shaggy hair), Ricky Matthews Githinji – guitar (plays with his hips and purses his lips)
Samantha Corrie Mugatsia – drums (short hair and a loud bang)
Samantha Corrie Mugatsia – drums (short hair and a loud bang)
dadaab (2)
Wairimu Nyoike- piano and vocals (dreadlocks and a quick smile)
Mo Sam (3)
Sam Guchu Ngugi – guitar, bass and vocals (nods his head a lot and short-cropped hair)

ins (2)

Other band members: 

Ondi Madete- guitar and vocals (has crazy jokes and shaggy afro locks)

Peter Nyabuto – Vocals and Saxophone (rocks a hat and a grin)

Mo Pearson- Vocals, actress, and dance (funky dreads and soulful air)

Wangui Githu- Vocals (piercing smile and showmanship)

How did you guys meet?

Sam (the bassist) and Ricky were jamming when they met Ondi (who knew Ngare through church and, well…jamming) The four jammed and briefly performed for a while until meeting Wairimu and Mo at a concert, who readily joined the bandwagon. Sam (the drummer) was at the same university as Ondi, Sam and Ricky but joined YLM later after several other drummers passed through. Peter and Wangui jumped on the train along the way and the impressive total of nine is reached. More creatives wanted please. Apply by finding one of us and jamming.

Some of your past Shows?

YLM has been spotted at a couple of well-known events including Choices’ Thursday Night Live, The Rift Valley Festival 2013 and 2014, Blankets and Wine, UP Live III, among others. We have also played for charity gigs such as Susonival, private functions, and some restaurants around Nairobi town, such as The Blues Restaurant.
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