The most violent movies ever made

The Raid: Redemption is in a class of its own

1. The Raid: Redemption

If you are an action movie fan and you haven’t watched this one yet, kindly rush to your movie guy and get a copy. It’s a 100-minute powerhouse of relentless martial arts, flying bullets, and ultra-violence that is both graceful and devastating. The film is a barrage of continuous combat as a 20-man elite forces team attempts to go floor-by-floor of a 15-story building to bring down a ruthless crime lord at the top level.

The hundreds of criminals strewn throughout every floor of the building square off against the vastly outnumbered team that enters. The film’s tagline of “When there’s nowhere left to run or hide… you fight or die” tells you right up front what to expect, but you may not realize just how incredible the execution will be. The choreography done by the producers of this movie is simply amazing

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