The most tragic deaths on Cinema and TV


Skyfall (M)


Since the inception of the James Bond franchise, the M character has been an integral part of the series. The character is the boss of agent James Bond (code name 007) and head of the Secret Intelligence Service popularly known as M16. The last few bond movies have seen M played by the humorous and charming Judi Dench to critical acclaim. Apart from Bond himself, Dench’s M has always been the second most likable character.

Dench’s work chemistry with Bond was always amazing. Her death at the end of Skyfall was tragic and unexpected. Viewers felt she would survive the fierce battle that had ensued between Bond and Raoul Silva, the witty villain.  M is shot and killed during the climax of the film, making Judi Dench’s M the only M to be killed in the Eon Bond films. Dench played M seven James Bond films.



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