The most tragic deaths on Cinema and TV


The Lion King (Mufasa)


Lion King is one of the greatest animation movies of all time. Anytime a father dies, especially when his son is still a child, that will always be heart-wrenching, but the fact that Simba’s jerk of an uncle was able to convince that innocent little cub that it was his fault is absolutely horrible. Simba is so distraught by his guilt that he runs away and eats bugs in the middle of the wilderness, far away from Pride Rock. Think about the impact that has on a child. The fact that he’s still a child amplifies the gravity of this death all the more. Not only is he a child though, but he’s a cute little lion cub. When he places his paws on his father’s lifeless body and calls out in a voice filled with confusion and grief parts of our souls are torn apart every time.




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