The irony of fake women looking for a real man

In the dating and relationship world, everyone has their values. As an individual, your value is determined by various factors, key among them is how you present yourself to your prospective partner or lover. Look at it as promoting or marketing a product to a potential buyer. Of course, the product has to have certain competitive attributes that are desirable and attractive to the buyer. This attributes range from value for money, quality, packaging, authenticity, price among other things.

For ladies who are looking for Mr. Right, my point is this: before you set out on a journey of looking for your prince charming, consider this two things: First, take a moment to assess yourself, the product that is you, that you are promoting or marketing to the potential Mr. Right. Do you have desirable attributes that will attract Mr. Right to you?

Secondly, take a moment to understand the kind of woman that Mr. Right is attracted to and is looking for. This will help you package yourself strategically to meet the needs and expectations of Mr. Right. Sweetheart, the world of dating, if you haven’t yet figured out, is pretty much a game of demand and supply.

Why Mr. Right remains a pipe dream for many women
First and foremost, the problem we have nowadays is that we have so many sisters looking for Mr. Right, yet they have no clue what Mr. Right is looking for in women. Ladies, understand the simple fact that as you are on a journey of looking for Mr. Right, Mr. Right is also on a journey looking for a Miss Right. My point is this: no decent good man will settle for anything below them. Baby gal, you want a tall, successful guy who is financially stable, smart, well educated and has a nice job? Guess what, that same guy is also looking for a decent, successful, financial stable, intelligent and well-educated lady. The question is, do you have the desirable attributes that your potential Mr. Right is also looking for in a woman?

The second problem is that many women are looking for Mr. Right yet they don’t possess or reflect the attributes that a potential Mr. Right is looking for. No wonder we will never hear the end of women lamenting about the scarcity of good men. Ladies, I am gonna say this with as much respect as I can: the fact that you are a beautiful, successful woman does not in any way guarantee you that you will automatically find your Mr. Right. The fact that you have a pretty face, an irresistible sexy body, and some ravishingly juicy sitting documents does not automatically guarantee or qualify you that you will find a Mr. Right.

A good decent man who is searching for a woman looks for more than just appearance, dressing, nails, hair and a borrowed accent. Real men are looking for women of virtue; women who have their character in place; women who have their finances and career in check, and more importantly women who respect God, their family and themselves. Real men are looking for more than just your makeup, nail polish, lipstick and Louis Vuitton bag. Good men are looking for an intelligent woman; a woman who is focused, principled and has her values and morals in place.

So, my sisters, before you set out on a journey of looking for a ‘real man’, or before you endlessly complain about the lack of good men – take a long look at yourself first. Do you possess or reflect the attributes that your desired man is looking for? Are you looking for Mr. Right, yet the best you can do in the cooking department is fix him a bowl of Weetabix? Do you know what your potential Mr. Right is looking for in a woman, or are you aimlessly throwing yourself at any man who smiles at you or any man who stares at your cleavage?

Do you have standards, values and principles as a woman who is looking for a good man? Or do you sleep around with any man as long as they are nice to you, or they look like Brad Pitt? Is your life a long series of partying and clubbing, yet you expect to find a Mr. Right? Sweetheart, remember this: No person, unless they are idiotic, will invest in a product that is fake, without quality, overpriced, or that is not worth their time, energy, needs, and expectations.

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