The evolution of Kenyan campus chics: From 1980s to 2000s

Decades ago, there lived good decent women. Unfortunately, extinction seems to be taking its toll on them. Numbers of morally endowed ladies have depreciated drastically. Until 1990, Kenyan Universities had the most decent ladies in Africa who knew how to cook heavy chapatis and well fried chicken, women who didn’t adore Pilsner Black Ice and Pizza, women who in particular maintained high moral values attractive to suitors looking for future wives.

Nowadays things have changed. Life is different. Campus ladies are still pretty, adorable and desirable. We all love them. But they have changed. Whether evolution is caused by change in generations or science is a debate for another day. Let’s examine how campus ladies changed through the decades

1990 and the years before

These campus ladies had qualities that were widely acclaimed by many. They were focused but shy. They still drew circles on the sand with their feet when men were talking to them. They studied and worked a lot and rarely partied unless it was in family gatherings. Once they fell in love, they stayed committed and never cheated. They adored men and respected them. These ladies focused on character rather than looks in a man.

Most of these campus ladies got married while they were still virgins. Only the husband had the power of ‘open-sesame!’  Some of them had kids while still in campus but had the nerve to handle each responsibility accordingly. Their skirt lengths never reduced below the knee length. Trousers and tights were rare. The sad part was these were the kind of ladies you never got easy. They valued romance. Unless you were lucky enough to be connected to a girl through a third party, you could chase a girl from first year to third year before finally winning her heart.

1991 to 2000

Most of the current ‘Miss Independents’ came from this campus generation. This is the period where trouble began. Western influence began to roll in. These campus ladies preferred men who had looks and brains. Character was out of the question. They were proud due to the fact that they were campus girls and had the tendency to discriminate between graduates and non-graduates. They loved being sexy, modern and different from all the girls out there.

It’s believed that these women later on became some of the harsh female managers we see today, maybe or maybe not. There is some truth to it as well as some non-truth. It’s also during this period that stories of women dating lecturers were frequent. Drinking and the need for partying started, though morality was fairly stable. There was no need for concern.

2001 to present

This is really when the fly fell into the ointment. When a girl uses the phrases ‘’like seriously!”, “oh please” and “mscheew”, you have two choices. Run or regret. The next time when you are asked who killed grammar, you now know. In this generation are the ladies who believe x is a better word than s. In essence you will frequently receive text messages such as “xaxa xwitty. Nimexota. Xi unixot”

The amazing part of this generation is that good and bad have been totally separated. The good ladies you find are extremely good. They have withstood many temptations hence they are wise and make good judgments.  More so, the bad girls you find are extremely bad since they have fallen into many temptations and accepted them as a way of life. However, luck is what will land you a good woman, not personal selection.

Partying and sex have become the coolest thing ever. ‘Twerking’ and ‘whining’ are well mastered. Phones and tablets are more popular than books. Being cool and sexy is the ultimate goal. Skirt lengths have been reduced to half or quarter the size they were back in the 1980s. Sleeping with many men stopped being a crime. More socially empowered ladies who read from the books of lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian have emerged.

Romance has faded. Goals are much easier to score compared to the 1980s. Speaking just a few good words or doing just a few cool deeds might place you at your destination. The positive thing is that these ladies never take bullshit from men. They are smart and know how to eek a living out of every possible avenue. The problem is that they highly disregard the principle of give and take. They don’t take bullshit but many do give bullshit.

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