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The economics of campus love


love couple

In campus we all need company – opposite sex kind of company. That’s a fact. The company should entail sufficient corporation. In business, there is a corporation sole where the office is occupied by one person and a corporation aggregate where the office is occupied by two or more people.


The business of love isn’t any different. There is the faithful person whose office has only one occupant and the player whose office has more than two people.

Under companies we find partnerships. Partnerships exist in love and business. The greatest aim is making profit. Rules of partnership state that there should be at least two partners and a maximum of twenty partners. That was a business view. Now here’s an economic view. If your love partnership exceeds the minimum of two by a high margin, you are both a poor lover and a poor businessman. Let’s take an example for instance.


Question one

‘Jonte is a KU student. Jonte has a girlfriend called Anne at USIU. He also has another girlfriend Flora staying at Nyayo Hostels at KU and another called Evelyn at Kahawa.

Recently, he has also been involved with Njeri, a classmate. What’s the probability that his five thousand shillings will be finished in two weeks? What’s the chance of him getting caught? (10mks)



‘It’s impossible to have four girlfriends without two of them texting, “Xaxa Xwitty. I need some 500 bob urgently, Plix help. Or ‘my hair was rained on and I have no money’. If you add this to weekend expenses, lunches and personal expenses, there’ll be no 5000 shillings left after two weeks. In today’s economy, there is no barter trade or ‘payment in kind’. Money talks.

couple hand in hand

In Jonte’s case, we have a case of binomial probability- a situation where there are only two possible outcomes. He can either get caught cheating or not get caught. Since Jonte has decided to sample four women, it gets more interesting. In economics, the larger the sample, the greater the possibility of more positive outcomes. Hence he is more likely to be busted.’ (End of answer)


A high number of lovers translates to high prices and expense. In economics of money supply, a rise in prices shrinks the real money supply leaving excess demand in the market at any given income level. This demand pushes interest rates up thereby reducing investment.


In terms of love, this simply means that you shall get broke due to the rice in expenses from the high demand of your many lovers. Even if you don’t get broke, investment in you will decrease.


If you are a lady, people will start seeing you as a whore hence your demand will reduce and fewer guys will be willing to invest in you. If you are a guy, your parents or whoever you get your money from will start losing trust in you due the number of lies you feed them to get money. Investment will then decline.


It’s amazing how elements of love are connected. If you are not in a partnership yet, there are two effective theories you can use after you have identified a potential partner. Euclid’s Theory states that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Simply just go direct. On the other hand, Einsten’s Theory states that the shortest distance between two points is a curve and the best way is to zigzag i.e. take your time. It’s important to be aware of the risks involved.


Under Euclid’s theory, your direct approach might stir a resistance from the target and under Einsten’s approach you might arrive too late. It’s up to you to choose.

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