The 6 types of friends you need to have in campus


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No man is an island, therefore, we need friends in our lives. The same is true in campus because life can be very difficult if you have no one around to share the tedious and interesting life in campus. So here are the six types of friends you need to have in campus.

1. The chopie

This is the guy who is focused on academic work and he is definitely an A student. All his assignments are done on time and all the lectures like him because of his academic excellence.

Why you need such a friend

Ultimately, campus life is about getting an education and having good grades in your papers. This guy will come in handy academically because he will help you in your assignments, study, give you lecture notes and help reinforce what the lecturer said.

2. The fixer/geek

This is the guy who is all about modern technology & innovations. They have expertise not limited to computer hardware repair, softwares and installation, mobile apps and other technology related solutions.

Why you need such a friend

We live in a technology world and we all love our gadgets, but sometimes they fail. Therefore, we need somebody who can honestly tell you the problem your device has. We also need people to provide you with the latest software and apps for your device and give you expert advice and lectures on matters technology and devices.

3. The street vendor/the black market dealer

This is the guy who is always busy trying to sell something to someone. He is always talking about a deal he is striking or someone who he is going to see to get or sell something.

Why you need such a friend

He has anything you need all you have to do is ask. He can be very useful to you especially when you need something and you are on a tight budget or you have no time going around shopping.

4. The daredevil

This is the friend who does crazy things some of which you might consider morally incorrect. She has guts and some of her words and actions are just of this world.

Why you need such a friend

Sometimes in life we just need to be pushed a little bit so that we can realize our full potential. Most likely when you are with her, she makes you do/say things that you never think you could and it could be the start of something new.

5. The party animal 

This is the guy who can party all day every day of the week, you might actually think he is being paid to party. He is the party headmaster and always shows up to parties.

Why you need such a friend

He is the life of the party if you are going out because he knows where you need to go and where you are guaranteed to have a great time. He also knows people and with him around, you can receive VIP treatment and passes because he probably knows the people that matter.

6. The moderate

This is the non-extremist guy who does things in moderation whether it is schoolwork, parties or anything. He is a Jack of all trades but a master of none.

Why you need such a friend

He brings sanity to your life and can help you in life whether physically, mentally, emotionally, financially or even spiritually.

Ultimately, go to campus and make as many friends as possible because they will surely become important in your future. However, you should remember that in whatever you do, do not copy your friend’s characters traits. This is because every animal has its survival instincts and what your friend does daily might ruin your life if you copy. Be your own man/woman and let your friends compliment your campus life.

Do you have all these types of friends? Which category do you think should be added? Of course the list is not conclusive. Feel free to give your comments in the comment box below.



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