The 4 types of girlfriends you meet in campus


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While in Campus, we meet a number of people. Some of them become our friends; others prefer to be our enemies. For those who decide to be our friends, we fail to realize the purpose for which they are around us. Eventually guys want hook up with these chics out of lust or friendship developing into something more. But you are likely to date these four type of girls:


We all have this type of a friend who is so ambitious. Every time you meet them, they have a new business idea. At one point, they tell you how they plan to join a Sacco to help them save. When you ask them when that will actually materialize, they are not very clear on the timelines. When you meet your ‘ambitiona’ friend on a weekend, they will tell you of their new project to rear Pigs in Isiolo. An ambitiona girl has ideas but she never settles down to execute any. The best way to identify one is through her dress code. She loathes fashion. All she cares about are basics. As long as there is a belt around the waist, that keeps her going.

The best way to make good use of the ambitious girlfriend is to tap her ideas, and help her execute. She might be hesitant to get your help, but she won’t hate you for helping. However, making her your business partner may mean the end of your relationship. Choose one.


You know that girl who you have secretly wished she was your chic from first year? She carries herself with style, gait and gets along with everyone. You have been very tight friends and finally to cross the friend zone. It is bliss for three months until you have your first fight. Then the wolf in the sheep’s clothes comes out. She will go all psycho on you and you start to wonder what happened to the sweet girl you fell in love. When she talks about relationships, she seems to know a lot about being faithful, about dating in her late twenties, about dating only guys who know their value.

But be wary of the silent types or those who are very vocal about virtues and values but something is a miss about what they preach and what they practice. You might think you are dating a virgin but in truth, she might be someone who has ‘experience’. To be fair, the same can be said of guys who appear faithful and declare undying love. Just don’t take words as the gospel. Talk is cheap. Character and behaviour should match the words. Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t add up, quickly move on.

No means Yes

When she comes to your room and insists she was passing to say hi and won’t stay for long but ends up staying the night, she is the kind. And it’s not because you didn’t try to get rid of her. She had no intention of leaving early, so you find out later. Guys who can read through their character can get a lot from this girl but be prepared to stick with her even when you don’t want to.

Daddy’s girl

When you are chatting with her, she will keep telling you about her dad. When you ask her to visit you over the weekend, she says her dad told her to clean the kitchen and so she will not make it. Again, when you invite her over for a movie, she will tell you that her dad is taking the family for an outing. She will never have time for you. However, such chicks are very faithful. Their dads have their facebook password, so you are spared the wrath of flirting with other men. When you date her, do not text her, just be the calling type. Don’t date her if you are not ready to be introduced to her parents. That will be the first step.

Of course, not all ladies will fall in these four categories. Throughout your campus life, you realize that you meet people of different backgrounds and behaviors. All you need to do is to befriend many people so that your choice pool is wider and deeper.



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