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Text Book Centre offers incentive for online customers



Text Book Centre is encouraging customers to purchase IT merchandise through its online portal. If you buy laptops or desktops or any IT accessories such as speakers, earphones, cables etc, you stand a chance to win an Asus Phonepad 7.

The incentive is similar to offers made in countries like South Africa and Nigeria where companies encourage customers to shop online as opposed to their physical shops.

“The online shop is very convenient. One can pay via M-Pesa, Visa or Mastercard. We do deliveries all over the country,” explains Ms Njoroge of TBC.

TBC is also running a campaign every week where 2 laptops are discounted. You can visit TBC branchesĀ on Kijabe Street, Galleria Mall, Junction Mall, TRM, Sarit Centre, Holden Mall- Kakamega.

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