Teenagers star in award winning peace film



Two teenagers, Clinton Momanyi and Lisa Omingo, are the main actors of a peace film that recently won the overall film category in the nationwide competition among primary schools in Kenya.


TIME is a film that is based on true events happened during the 2007/2008 post election violence that affected thousands of families in parts of the country.


The film revolves around two children, whose father was a warlord in the violence.  They manage to convince their parents that they are capable of eliminating the possibility of another outbreak.


However, their father gives them only 20 minutes and 12 seconds to persuade him against engaging in violence.


“20 minutes and 12 seconds time frame depicts a peaceful anticipation of the forthcoming electioneering period in 2012”, explains Felix Machaka, the Production Designer.


The two 13 year olds are class seven students at Elimu Academy in Kisii County – the setting of the post-election events


“Elimu Academy was attacked during the 2007/08 post poll violence. Inspired by this incident, the kids decide to set out on a mission in an attempt to make sure that all weapons of violence are destroyed before the next electioneering period,” explains Felix.


With illuminating imagery, the young teenagers look for and find these weapons as well as destroy them together with other weapons gathered by other kids from different locations.


“The main agenda of the film is peace and hence the weapons were destroyed” said Felix


They face so many challenges that sometimes their mission seems impossible. But, despite these challenges, the outcome of their efforts is something that can be described as heroic and phenomenal.


“Other than driving the peace message home, we became the overall winners in the film category in the nationwide competition among primary schools”, said Felix.


The school was feted in a ceremony held at the University of Nairobi’s 8-4-4 building. It also received recognition from various political leaders including the office of the Prime Minister, Raila Odinga.

The audience at the showing of TIME at UoN praised the film and the young actors.


“Our lecturer told us about this film and from the way he described it, I was convinced that it was worth checking out,” said one UoN Journalism student.


Felix Machaka, the production designer and Andrew Onserio, the executive producer also doubled up as actors alongside the main actors. Others included in the production are Isaac Lamoka and Gilbert Okari.



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