Teen Makes Fashionable Protest With #BlackLivesMatter Dress


Milan Morris wore a Black Lives Matter inspired dress before prom.The high school basketball champion  took the opportunity to pay tribute to young African Americans who’s lives were taken too soon. The young star took to Instagram to share her fashionable approach to activism.


She captioned the photo: ‘Yes I’m black. Yes I’m 17. Yes GOD is using me to convey a message that’s bigger than me. #AllLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #MoveWithPurpose.’



The dress featured some victims of racially targeted shootings in the recent past. The victims Milan had printed on her dress featured Trayvon Martin who was shot by George Zimmerman in  Florida at the age of 17. Sandra Bland also featured on the dress was found found hanged in a jail cell in Texas.  Michael Brown also on the dress, was gunned down by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri. Milan’s bold protest, took the internet by storm and demonstrated anyone could make a statement, pointing out society’s shortcomings.




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