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Talent galore at USIU campus awards



It was the most awaited, most anticipated event of the semester and it didn’t disappoint. The turnout was impressive, the dressing impeccable and the crowd enthusiastic.

Set against the backdrop of the school library in a giant dome, the 2012 campus awards saw a number of students receive accolades for their exemplary skills and talent – in and out of class.

MC Barrack Jacuzzi worked up the crowd with his sublime communication prowess and the crowd loved him. Aided by two female MC’s, there was never a dull moment. In particular MC Jacuzzi hyped the event and pulled off some smooth dancing moves which fascinated the crowd. Music was the responsibility of DJ Andre of Capital FM and his mixing dexterity was evident as he played his music.

Security was tight and besides the usual screening at the main school gate, there were more security checks near and within the dome.

The night was set off by a live band comprised solely of students and this was a fresh breath of air from events where only playback music is used. Showing great aptitude and maturity, they were well coordinated and synchronized.

Categories included ‘Best Lecturer’, ‘Most Responsible student’, and ‘School Pop idol’. The awards were handed out by notable figures in the school including Malonza who was representing Kenya in the reality show ‘Big Brother Africa’.

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