Music Review: T.I. is the Dopest


This is no ordinary music review. This is a review of a trend as we witness the growth of Hip Hop and RnB.  Into the second decade of the 21st century, music is reaching back and making something new.

The fusion of styles is soon to become the creation of a new genre. As we bob our heads to the music,  lines of musical genres gently blur into a mirage of notes and melodies; it’s difficult to resist how good the music is. With other artists doing the same, the likes of Chris Brown sampling Marvin Gaye his recent single “Back to Sleep” and many more; the old is made new and the classics are given their rightful spot.

T.I. also known as Tip Harris has been part of many collaborations making it to the top ten list several. The veteran from the South raps about what he knows and reflects on life in the hood. Now a successful artist, his music has grown and is indeed more inclusive in this collaboration with former Neo-Soul duet Floetry Marsha Ambrosius.

The song “DOPE” is a great blend of new and old. The song samples Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” and Marsha Ambrosius does a fabulous job bringing back the true feel- good state the  song originally inspired when Aaliyah sang it.

The song “Dope” alludes to feeling high when with the significant other. The chorus sings  “i feel like am on dope…boy you get me high.” It is a great party starter and the fusion of genres is indicative of the new direction music is taking. The song is the perfect example of reaching back into the past; sampling Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” and creating something new and beautiful. However , it must be said that the video is quiet explicit.



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