Students Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Their Smartphones: Research


couple mobile phone

It should not surprise anyone that students spend more time on their smart phones than on any other activity but research now backs this well-known fact. Students would rather give up sex, coffee and eating according to a Cambridge University study.

Nearly a fifth of the students surveyed spend more than five hours online a daily, and often use more than five apps at any one time. Nearly half (44%) use mobile devices to note take in lectures, while seven in 10 use them to access university emails.

“In any university or college, being connected and mobile is now an essential part of life – both for work and play,” says Chris Kozup, senior director from Aruba Networks in EMEA. “It’s a central behaviour of the generation we’re calling #GenMobile.

A recent survey showed 26% of Americans can’t live without their mobile phones, but only 20% said they couldn’t survive without sex.

Cambridge University recently polled its students to find out where they wanted to be able to access university services. Jon Holgate, head of networks at the institution, told the Telegraph: “It turns out that’s in cafes and pubs.

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