Students Swap Guns For Sex Toys In Campus Anti- Gun Protests


Students in Texas organized protests to challenge the bill extending the right to carry a concealed weapon in college campuses. The bill has found success in Southern states being recently instituted in Arkansas and Georgia. The debate struck a chord with students of the University of Texas, as political tensions continue to rise over the matter.

With an increase in school mass shootings, students sought to make their voices heard over the deadly bill. According to CNN,  the United States of American has the highest number of mass shootings in the world. Some recent shootings like the Sandy Hook Shootings that took 29 lives and the Orlando attack that took 49 lives are still quite fresh in the memories of many.

Student advocate Jessica Jin shared her reasons behind organizing her protest. Talking to The Daily Show reporter Roy Wood Jr. Jessica commented that, ” guns should not be on college campuses…people have become numb to gun violence in America. Our d**dos are an object of political resistance” The young student was joined by hundreds¬† in the hopes of influencing the enforcement of the gun carrying bill. The protest dubbed “c**cks not glocks” has grabbed media attention however it remains to be seeing if legislators will take note.





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