Students on High Alert Ahead of National Exams


As students begin their examinations to mark the end of the primary and secondary education, a few changes to security have put students on high alert. A ban has been placed on the use of clipboards as well as geometry sets in the exam room. According to BBC, “the directive also bans the use of mobile phones near examination centers. Cheating¬† in secondary schools increased by 70% last year, which saw the cancellation of results for 5,000 students. ”

In an attempt to prevent cheating in the 2016 examinations, candidates are under strict measures during this exam period. Restrictions have been put on the stationary allowed in the exam room as well as the use of mobile phones which were cited as a major means of leaking examination content before an exam in 2015.

The Minister for Education Fred Matiang’i began a system overhaul early in 2016 that included the sacking of teachers and policemen involved in examination malpractice as well as the disbandment of the national examination body. Ahead of the examinations for candidates this year, the ministry release a statement stating the new rules will “seal loopholes that have previously enabled students to cheat.”

As examinations begin on the 1st of November, it is yet to be determined if the stringent rules will curb exam cheating and level the playing field in the Kenyan education system. For information on the examination regulations and timetable visit the Kenya National Examination Council to download click here.




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