Students Expose Daystar University’s Poor Standards


Daystar University students have taken to Twitter to share details of how the institution offers bad services in exchange for high fees. The students are now seeking that the Vice Chancellor Timothy Wachira steps down due to mismanagement of funds and misplaced priorities within the private university.

The institution of higher learning is facing is first major smear campaign instigated by students themselves. The silent protest led by the Daystar University Students’ Association began on the 15th of November 2017. According to communication from the Joint Office of the Student Governments ( Athi River and Valley Road campus) students are set to converge at the two campus and class attendance will not be taken. The two student leadership associations are calling the Daystar University Council into action, stating “the only organ with power to change things permanently is the University Council.”

Students seem to be in support of the move by the student associations sharing their Tweets online.



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