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Students evicted from hostel for ‘bhang’ use

Mawaret Flats, Ngara

A group of students from two universities in Nairobi have been evicted from a privately-run hostel after being suspected of smoking cannabis.


The students were said to be using ‘weed’ in their single roomed house – an act that is both illegal in the country and also against the hostel’s management rules


One of the affected student said that he was evicted at the expense of his roommate.

“He brought his friends when I was in my evening class.” one of them said.

The flat, located at the Ngara, houses 89 tenants with most of them being part-time students with a few working.


The management received complaints from other tenants and the allegations were backed by the caretaker who had on several occasions collided with the young tenants some weeks before over the same issue.


A student said some visitors smoked the bhang along the corridors of the premise and on the balcony.


“They just did it anyhow without caring what the other tenants will say.”


The students are now finding it hard to find accommodation in the area as their reputation has spread.


“My landlord has refused to release my deposit,” said one painfully.


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