Students demand justice for two Egerton comrades killed by police



The Kenya Police have come under fire after two Egerton University who had been reported missing two weeks ago were found dead at Nairobi’s city mortuary. Posting on the University Students’

Posting on the University Students’ Facebook account, Babu Owino, Chairman of Students Organisation of the University of Nairobi accused the Police of shooting and dumping the bodies of the two students.

“The police headed by Kimaiyo and Olelenku must give us a clear report explaining why the two comrades from Egerton university, Njoro campus were shot by the police.We demand an immediate resignation of the above duo for failing to protect the innocent Kenyans who are dying like rats,” said Owino.

Owino added that the President must act and deal with the Cabinet Secretary for Security. He promised a demo on Wednesday in solidarity of the fallen comrades.

It was not clear why the Police from Central Police station shot the students, but some accounts indicate that the students were shot in a case of mistaken identity in Nairobi. Apparently, one of the students was run over by a police car then shot five times while trying to escape after seeing his friend being shot by the same police.

The two students, Felix Magomere and Dennis Nyangena, had visited Nairobi to follow up a case with the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).  Felix was a second year Biochemistry student at Egertons’ Njoro Campus while Dennis was a General Science student.

Egerton University Students’ Union, through their officials, said students are worried “about their security and want the Government to provide information on the cause of their death.”

The students have petitioned the Independent Oversight Authority (IPOA) and Amnesty International in a bid to get the culpable officers arrested.




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