Student’s Boyfriend Investigated For Colluding With Guard In Rape


A first-year student at Moi University was raped on 6th October. The chief suspect in the case is a security guard on campus. The horrific incident is reported to have happened at around 2 am.

According to the Dean of students, Dr. Ayieko, the first year who cannot be named at the moment was assaulted by a security guard who was on night shift. This took place near the girl’s hostels. The matter is currently under investigation at the Kesses Police Station. The girl’s boyfriend is also a suspect as he happens to be a friend to the security guard.

Reports from the police station say that the lass had initially agreed to have intercourse with the guard but she later refused after finding more guards in her room. They then took to doing things to her without her consent.

On Sunday 8th October, Moi University administration released an official memo. It confirmed that the girl was indeed defiled. The memo also asked other students who have gone through the same to come out and report to authorities.

The incident has caused quite an outrage in the University, both on social media and on the streets. There are those who claim the rape allegations are not true because she reported the case late. Others hope the lady gets the justice she deserves.

In 2015, another Moi University female student was raped and killed. Her body was found dumped around a bus stop not far from the campus. The deceased was only 21 years old and in her third year of study at the University. The most ironic slant to the situation is that it was allegedly perpetrated by a security guard, the one bestowed with the responsibility of protecting the lives of students.

First year and third-year students are planning to protest on 9th October if action is not taken. There is a division of standby students which means the protest might not take place. Learning institutions are still an unsafe haven for students leaving most of them exposed to such dangers. Over 25,000 rape cases are reported annually in Kenya but little action is ever taken to catch perpetrators. Victims also always tend to hide their assault because of the shock, ridicule, and embarrassment that comes with such news which should not be the case.





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