Student tricks Professor with “Wakanda” presentation in class


A University student, who goes by the Reddit username AlexyShved1, shared how he made a complete joke of his professor by giving a false presentation about the “troubled nation of Wakanda” by emphasizing on the power struggles of the “little nation.”

The student, who is pursuing International Marketing, had already convinced his professor that there actually exists an African nation called “Wakanda” which is from Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’os movie “Black Panther”. It is a fictional country rich in a rare metal called Vibranium. Again, another fictitious makeup. The professor later did a Google search and realized the joke was on her.

Gizmodo UK, however, reports that the presentation was not graded so he did not get away with it. The whole class was also all in on the joke. What would your professor have done if they found out you were toying with them?



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