Student take world’s scariest selfie


selfie building heights

Selfies have become an international past-time. We take selfies everywhere, doing everything. But now, the social trend has turned to a challenge of taking selfies to new heights, literally. Students Andrew Tso and Daniel Lau accompanied by an unnamed friend took a selfie on top of one of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings which is measured at 1,135 feet high. The Eiffel tower is 1,063 ft tall, so these youngsters were much higher than the iconic Eiffel Tower.

The selfie featured the trio casually seated on top of the building eating bananas. If you are afraid of heights this video might make your stomach churn and end up in knots because mine surely did. But I would like to warn you that the footage is not for those with a fear of heights.

The appreciation for photography has risen tremendously in the recent past as well as the technology used to photograph stunning scenery. For more of Tso’s photographs

There are other dare devils part of the craze sweeping over the globe for extreme photography who seek the thrill of capturing the concrete jungle from the heights of skyscrapers.

Kirill Orishkin has been dubbed Russia’s Spiderman. He is a photography enthusiast and most of his photos capture him dangerously dangling from the side of buildings and for what? “I started doing it because I like the views,” Oreshkin said. Ya, views.

After watching his video it is hard to believe his admission that that he was once afraid of heights.

What length would you go to for the WOW! selfie?



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