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Student suspended from Uni for ‘wrong’ tweets


An actuarial science student at Meru University College and Science Technology (MUCST) has been suspended from the institution for posting ‘unfavorable’ comments on his twitter and facebook accounts.


Cyprian Nyakundi made the Uni admin unhappy by criticizing how the management was running the University College.


“At the Cafeteria, students scramble for food because the population of admission compared to resources budgeted is too high”, “There are not enough chairs and we have to carry chairs (from block) AA to the workshop (which is too far)” read some of Cyprian’s tweets.


The student also said that the library was equipped with old books and criticized the Academic Dean and Principal on how they handle student affairs.


The suspension caused uproar on twitter with #LetNyakundiTweet trending condemning the University administration for not respecting freedom of expression.

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