Student ‘suspended’ for meeting Babu Owino does not exist – KCA University



KCA University has termed a letter suspending a John Lucas Nyangaresi apparently for meeting SONU Chairman Babu Owino as ‘a fake letter’. The purported letter went viral early this week after it was posted on various social media platforms, and was later picked up by mainstream media.

In a statement, KCA described the letter as malicious, adding that the said student does not exist in their records.

“The said student does not exist in our records neither has such a person applied for registration in our University,” read part of the statement.

According to the letter, the VC suspended the student for meeting Babu Owino along Thika Road, who the VC describes as the ‘enemy of KCA.’

“Babu Owino is a well-known enemy of KCA university administration. Last year he threatened to burn my car after I suspended a student who urinated in my office,” reads the letter.

KCA student leader, Albert Rioba, now claims that a famous blogger was behind the letter, acknowledging the maturity KCA students demonstrated while handling the issue.

“I appreciate your calm approach to this matter. Given that we have established that this letter is not genuine, let us treat it with the contempt it deserves,” said Rioba.

Corporate Affairs and Communication officer, Felgona Ochieng, says the letter is intended to tarnish the good name of the university.

“We are saddened that despite the growing media space and freedom of expression, there is still complete disregard of the cardinal principle of journalism of writing balanced and objective stories. So far, no journalist has contacted KCA University to verify the authenticity of the letter.”

KCA points out 5 issues with the ‘fake’ letter:

  1. The said student does not exist in our records and such a person has never applied for registration in our university,
  2. Any communication regarding disciplinary matters and suspension is done by the University Registrar,
  3. The admission number does not belong to the university and it does not follow the format of the university’s admission series,
  4. All communication from the university is done on official letterhead which does not have a watermark,
  5. Any communication from the VC’s office bears his official name, signature and title.