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Student Lucks Out On A Lifetime Supply of Chocolate


Chocoholics around the world shuddered last week after the tragic news of Hunter Jobbins emerged.

Having left his car unlocked for just 15 minutes, the college student returned to his vehicle to find someone had broken in – and stolen his Kit Kat. 

Luckily for Jobbins, chocolate makers Kit Kat made up for the theft – by filling his car with 6,500 of the chocolate bars.


The brand tweeted: “Keep your Kit Kat, thief. @jabbins now has ALL the candy #KitKatThief”

Kit Kat also shared a video of the Kansas State University student making it rain with all of newly acquired chocolate bars. Hunter’s generous spirit had him sharing the chocolate goodies with friends.

This article was previously published on HuffingtonPost.

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