Student keeps Amazon electronics worth Sh500K mistakenly sent to him



One lucky Engineering student from Liverpool University was told he can keep goods worth Sh510,000 ($5,730) from Amazon which was sent to him by mistake. According to the Huffington Post, “Robert Quinn received packages including a £889 55-inch Samsung 3D TV, a Galaxy Pro tablet, worth more than £300 and a laptop, among other things.”

As the young man begins to think of what to do with the items that continue to be delivered to his home, some of his family members already have their eyes on some of the gifts.

“My brother wants the Dolce and Gabbana after shave and my dad wants the Galaxy tablet,” Quinn said.

“My brother can get the aftershave but I’m not sure my dad can have that tablet for free. My mum wants the leaf blower, she can have that. The rest I might sell back on Amazon.”

However, the 22-year-old revealed that he wants to put the profit he’ll make towards a trip to Bruges with his girlfriend, and developing an electrical cannabis grinder.

The Amazon Spokesperson commented, “This matter has now been resolved and I can confirm that on this occasion the customer has been informed that he can keep the items that were delivered.”



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