Student Hosts Graduation In Hospital To Include Dying Mother


Samantha Parrotte had an unusual graduation from community college. The Champlain Valley Tech student made arrangements to have her high school graduation in hospital to ensure her mother could witness the important life event. The special ceremony was made possible with the corporation of school staff and hospital officials. With close family members  in attendance, the private ceremony was emotional, with not a dry eye in the room.


Samantha witnessed her mother’s health deteriorate after her breast cancer diagnosis in November 2016. Once a healthy vibrant individual, Mrs. Patricia Parrotte had been confined to a hospital bed at the Mount Vermount University Hospital, receiving treatment for delirium and psychosis as part of  cancer treatment. The joyous occasion lit up her face, as Samantha maintained her composure throughout the memorable ceremony. A few days later, Mrs. Parrotte sucuumb to the disease after battling the triple negative breast cancer and dermatomyositis, a rare autoimmune disease, for 10 months according to FOX 5 News.


Samantha joined her classmates at the official graduation ceremony where she was honored with the Student of Execellence award. The young lady who fulfilled her mother’s dying wish told FOX 5 that “No words to describe how incredible that moment was.”




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