Student gets access to government meetings by impersonating officials



A law student from Madrid, Spain impersonated government officials so that he could rub shoulders with the high and mighty in exclusive meetings and functions.

20-year-old Francisco Nicolas Gomez Iglesias got unrestricted access to high-level meeting by assuming several identities including the coronation of King Felipe VI’s coronation where he got in as a secret service agent.

Francisco passed off as an advisor of the Prime Minister and received an unspecified amount from a businessman who believed the student would broker a deal.

The Spanish newspaper El Confidencial alleged that Francisco mingled with politicians and business executives, and joining a few in Real Madrid’s VIP box.

The student was arrested in October after he was denied entry to a US embassy function. Investigating police found fake government vehicle permits, a police siren and national police license plates in his house.

He is out on bail and says he just wanted to mingle and dine with the who-is-who in Spain.





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