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Student faked own kidnapping to cover up bad grade

19 year old student Aftab Aslam

There are many ways to handle failing exam. In Kenya, we just repeat a class or at worst, commit suicide. But one student in the US who got an F in English couldn’t face his parents with another ‘fail’ report.

According to Time.com, quoting John Creek Patch, Aftab Aslam faked his own kidnapping. Police say the 19 year old student at Gwinnett College. Aftab bought a cheap mobile phone and texted his parents pretending to be kidnappers. The message informed the Aftab’s parents that their son has been kidnapped and that they should not contact the police or else they would not see Aftab alive.


This is the point the saga went downhill, fast. The parents reported the ‘kidnapping’ to the local police who roped in turn roped in the FBI, who launched an extensive investigation.


Meanwhile, Aftab was hiding in some field near their house. Cold and hungry. The FBI found the cheap handset and traced Aftab as the buyer. Seeing that it was obvious that it wasn’t a kidnap case, the FBI pulled out and left the local police to handle it.


After eight days, bad weather forced Aftab to go home but stuck to his story that he had been drugged and kidnapped by a gang. But he caved after cross-examination, he confessed to faking his own kidnapping.


Though he was expecting sympathy from his parents, the police would hear nothing of his silly explanations. They have charged Aftab with obstruction of justice, falsely reporting a crime, making false statements, tampering with evidence and making terroristic threats. According to Time.com, he has been released on a  $9,000 bail



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